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At Sunburst, we know that in a perfect world, inquiring about a 'Short Sale' would not likely be on your agenda.  We also know and understand that getting to this point (arriving at this website) is difficult enough.  It's understandable that there is a need to keep things highly confidential.  Making very difficult decisions (such as this) can be very stressful, highly emotional, and for many, it has an element of associated embarrassment.  It's very important to realize that relief from major financial burden does have a way of making life better.

What's the right decision for my individual situation?

As it relates to 'Short Sales' you first need to realize that 'Real Estate' transactions are one thing and 'Short Sale' transactions are another.  The end result is the same, but the path from start to finish has multiple moving parts in the Short Sale transaction.  The two types of transactions cannot be approached and/or conducted in the same manner; largely because successful Short Sales require a great deal of mortgage related negotiations that are not typically involved in real estate transactions.  It involves carrying out specific (detailed) tasks that have zero room for failure, because the banks and lenders can and/or will dispose of purchase contracts and supporting documentation if it is not done to their exact requirements.

Don’t believe anyone that claims they have resources and contacts with decision makers at banks to get your Short Sale completed.  The simple truth is that the banks and lenders are inundated with tens of thousands of requests each day.  They are overwhelmed and understaffed. This in itself is one of the major risks in pursuing Loan Modification.  Success occurs through organization, persistence, and the balanced knowledge of being both lender and real estate entity.

What's Our Edge?

  • We speak bank and lender language.  We have depth of experience on both sides of the fence.  Sunburst Realty is the real estate entity within Sunburst Mortgage Corp., a licensed corporation with the California Department of Real Estate.

  • We know what we're doing and we're VERY good at it.  Attorneys and Real Estate Brokers may provide competent services, but trust, knowledge, and experience will matter most.  As much as they have expertise in their respective fields, it would not be advisable and/or necessary to hire a Real Estate Broker to handle Civil Litigation or an Attorney to show you properties!

  • Sunburst provides a highly qualified team of experts.  Starting with Sunburst's Broker / Owner, education and career experience should be an important factor if Short Sale is the decided direction.

    • John A. (Sandy) Gilchrist:  BS, MBA - The University of Southern California (view bio)   
  • Sunburst Realty has been in Newport Beach, CA and licensed with the State of California since 1988.

  • References and Testimonials available upon request.

This website was created in a manner that we believe is best suited for homeowners seeking real answers.  It's highly informative and resourceful; it''s trusted and reliable - which are the qualities we premise our service upon.  Each page of this site will aid you in becoming one step more knowledgeable of the unfortunate, detrimental circumstances festering nationwide (including numerous current articles detailing the areas hardest hit, and what is most likely going to occur in the immediate and long term forecast) Go to our page titled:  Read All About It

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Sunburst Realty is the dba of Sunburst Mortgage Corp; a licensed corporation with the California Department of Real Estate.  License Number 00990963.  Sunburst has been licensed with the State of California since 1988.  To access real time licensing information online with the DRE Click Here.