John A. (Sandy) Gilchrist

Senior Negotiator / Broker / Owner

California Department of Real Estate Broker License 00879399

BS, MBA - The University of Southern California

Where do you draw the line?  When does the harsh reality of real estate devaluation warrant a change in your course?  How devastated is the marketplace and how long will it take to recover?  The Theodore Roosevelt quote that we stand behind is simply the best advice that anyone can give under these less than favorable circumstances:

"In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing."  

The downward cycle that we're currently experiencing will eventually morph into something better; but along the way it will continue to leave a path of destruction and a considerable number of casualties.  Real Estate has always been perceived to be the "safe" investment; and for those sitting on the sidelines with capital (ready to purchase properties) are likely to become the next generation of equity holders.  We advocate Short Sales for good reasons:
  1. If the 'Short Sale' is executed successfully, it will relieve you from your major debt and enables you to move forward with your life.
  2. There should not be any costs involved in the Short Sale Transaction.
  3. It's not as harsh on your credit report / credit score as a Foreclosure and/or a Bankruptcy.
  4. Loan Modification may be successful in lowering your interest rate, but it's unlikely going to provide any offset to your principal balance.  Also, its been reported time after time that 65%+ of those individuals that have successfully had their loan modified, have re-defaulted within 90 days.
In the event that 'Short Sale' becomes your best possible solution, I emphatically believe that I can facilitate successfully.  It will be imperative for you to have someone on your side that is knowledgeable, disciplined, and above all, trustworthy.  I've dedicated my life to facing great challenges in both my personal and professional careers.  I' was fortunate to be a 2-time Olympic Swimmer, and Pan American Games medalist.  I can assure you that my success in the pool was the result of tireless training and never-ending conditioning.  I'm very proud of my individual and team accomplishments on-top of the water... and I am confident in my ability to help those homeowners now treading underwater.

I've been the Broker / Owner of Sunburst Mortgage Corp., and Sunburst Realty for the past 25+ years.  Let's sit down and discuss your situation (in full confidence).


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